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Mixed Media Textiles 


Can We Talk About the Elephant in the room? 
Mixed media Fiber
Installation shot from PINK!
Arts Warehouse
Jan 6-Feb 25, 2023

Boca Magazine Exhibition Review [illustrated].


Science information:

Critically Endangered Forest Elephants in Africa are really good at carbon storage and climate mitigation. [Even just one elephant per square kilometer could increase the amount of plant mass in the forest by up to 60 tons per hectare, enough to suck up more than 10 billion tons of planet-warming carbon dioxide across Africa's 2.2 million square kilometers of forest].  They are disappearing at alarming rates. As, are the forests where they live. -Frederick, 2019.

03_You Belive in biggfoot but not climate change so I sent his cousin to explainJPG.JPG
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Featured in Art& Culture Magazine Winter 2023

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You Believe in Bigfoot, but not climate change
I sent his cousin to explain it. 
Mixed Media Fiber

Shown at the Cultural Council of
Palm Beach County

Visualizing Climate Disruption:
An Artists Eye View
Jan 27 - April 8


Science information:


The Himalayas have the largest concentration of glaciers outside the polar region. These glaciers are a freshwater reserve; they provide the headwaters for nine major river systems in Asia – a lifeline for almost one-third of humanity. There is clear evidence that Himalayan glaciers have been melting at an unprecedented rate in recent decades; this trend causes major changes in freshwater flow regimes and is likely to have a dramatic impact on drinking water supplies, biodiversity, hydropower, industry, agriculture and others, with far-reaching implications for the people of the region and the earth’s environment. One result of glacial retreat has been an increase in the number and size of glacial lakes forming at the new terminal ends behind the exposed end moraines. These in turn give rise to an increase in the potential threat of glacial lake outburst floods occurring. Such disasters often cross boundaries; the water from a lake in one country threatens the lives and properties of people in another. Regional cooperation is needed to formulate a coordinated strategy to deal effectively both with the risk of outburst floods and with water management issues. --Bajracharya, et el.

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