title. What Happen in the Forest, Doesn't Stay in the Forest

date. 2017

city. Miami, FL

about: Solo show in conjunction with the FORD Invitational Artist Residency                      held March - May 2017. Image credits Alex Heria [@alexheria]

Arrieta’s “Birds Are Nice” invites us into the safe space of the art gallery, where odd, fantasy-inspiring, “carnivalesque” images are allowed; where, for a short time we can play and “free associate” about what might be, without the barriers of denial. Arrieta’s “play” uses the instability of signs to activate an “Hegelian” dialectic (Callinicos) of signs’ inherent multiplicity, contradiction, and oscillation. She intends to overcome our inability (or refusal) to make connections by forcing a cognitive dissonance that seeks the stability of new meaning, however fleeting that stability may be.(Vaidis) “Play” in What Lives in the Forest is not simple, direct or loose. Arrieta’s installations mix and juxtapose a panoply of sharply clashing elements: deeply embedded cultural iconography, ambivalent color, attention to specific endangered animal species, and a dominance of references to the young.

                                                                                         --Mary Jo Aagerstoun, PhD

Read Full essay by Mary Jo Aagerstoun, PhD. Play and (not so hidden) Subterfuge in the Anti-Extnction Art of "Birds Are Nice"

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Artist Statement:

This exhibition deals with the plight of animals and ecosystems in their struggle with humans. Living off of a consumer based, human-centric treatment of the planet for decades. We are now faced with real dilemmas affecting our basic health and well-being. Wild ecosystems and animals provide a buffer for human health. Unregulated abuse, habitat fragmentation, and urban sprawl are among the many problems that are fuelling extreme weather patterns, climate change, unprecedented species extinction rates, and an increasing rise of infectious disease prevalence. The more animals that go extinct, the faster our problems increase. This artwork highlights endangered [or vulnerable] species that are struggling to survive. [click images below to expand]